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Prix Reconnaissance jeunesse

In the spring of 2016, the Québec government unveiled Le lien suivant ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre. The 2030 Québec Youth Policy: Working Together for Present and Future Generations, which emphasizes the importance of young people in Québec society and reaffirms their key role as initiators of change to meet current and future challenges. At the same time, the government launched its Le lien suivant ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre. 2016-2021 Youth Action Strategy to implement concrete action in the field.

The call for nominations ended on February 16th.

Award recipients

It is in this context that the Québec Premier announced that he would present each year 11 youth recognition awards to highlight the achievements of young people and the commitment of youth workers. The recipients must display outstanding distinction in their respective fields.

An award in the Youth category (15-29 year-olds) and an award in the Youth Worker category (18 years of age or over) will be offered in conjunction with each of the five strategic priorities of The 2030 Québec Youth Policy, which encompass the fields of health, education, citizenship, employment and entrepreneurship. The Emmett Johns Award will also be presented at the ceremony in recognition of an outstanding contribution to young people in the course of the recipient’s career. It is the most prestigious award offered.

Each award recipient receives:

  • a tax-free grant ranging from $1 500 to $4 000;
  • a trophy produced by students from the École de design de l’Université Laval;
  • a certificate signed by the Québec Premier.

The Emmett Johns Award

Thirty years ago, Emmett Johns borrowed $10 000 from a credit union to buy a converted motor home to crisscross downtown Montréal streets and offer support, food and comfort to homeless youth. The organization, Dans la rue, subsequently enhanced the services offered to young people, for example through the addition of a day centre, an emergency shelter service and a school. Over the years, Father Pops became a key figure, recognized for the assistance he offered the most disadvantaged young people in our society. Numerous awards and honorary doctorates acknowledged his work.

When the death of Father Pops was announced, a number of young people, in particular those who got off the streets, confirmed his extraordinary personality, dedication, openness, empathy, unconditional acceptance, and total absence of judgement. This outstanding man saved the lives of several young people and his work continues. He has become a source of inspiration for youth workers and his objectives are entirely in keeping with those of The 2030 Québec Youth Policy, which are to support young people on their path to autonomy.

To honour the memory of Father Pops, on January 17, 2018 the Québec Premier announced that the Excellence Award of the Premier’s prix Reconnaissance jeunesse that are being instituted this year would be named the Emmett Johns Award.

Honorary president

Writer-composer-performer Karim Ouellet will act as Honorary President for the first prix Reconnaissance jeunesse.

To find out more about the call for nominations

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